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1. The V.J. Wilkins Foundation is a private, not-profit Foundation  incorporated in the State of Kansas July 14, 2005, Kansas Business Identity # 3811684, with Federal EIN # 20-3225892 issued the 12th day of August, 2005  and receiving tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) November 17, 2005. The Governing Body of the Foundation is comprised of a Board of Trustees, three (3) of whom have been appointed by its founder with intention of the remaining composition of the Board to be various business and community leaders.

The Foundation’s mission is to maximize the value of its finances so that it may assist the community to provide a quality, cultural environment of arts, music, language and other endeavors, which many times are shadowed of the importance placed upon athletic achievements.


2. Funding priorities. The following criteria and guidelines will generally be used in evaluating Grant requests.  Exceptions can be made whenever deemed appropriate by the Foundation Trustees, who have authority to award Grants without consideration of any recipients, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, or any other class recognized and protected by law.  

Grant awards must be in keeping with the Mission of the Foundation which is to financially assist organizations within the community having an IRS 501(c) (3) designation or organizations affiliated under an umbrella of an organization having a charitable or philanthropic IRS designation.


Grant applications shall be filed with the Foundation in accordance with the Grant cycle hereinafter defined. The organization submitting the application may be required to provide oversight and/or participation. Funding activities shall primarily be focused in the Arkansas City area and to a lesser degree, Cowley County.     


3. The Foundation prefers concentrating its support on a few organizations or projects which can make a substantial difference with the funds utilized, having an impact on the organization and the community.  


Matching funds projects in support of local initiatives which are conducted in cooperation with other organizations are encouraged and seen as an effective means to leverage the Foundation’s monetary Grants. Either the Foundation or the organization seeking the Grant, as a basic requirement of participation, shall be readily identifiable as a funding partner or sponsor and be willing to participate in all forms of communications seen by the public, such as press releases, banners, newsletters, or advertising.  Foundation funds will not be used to pay expenses for individuals in any organizations with whom it partners or sponsors.   


4. Restrictions. The Foundation generally will not consider the following:


  • Support of individuals for personal financial needs;

  • Grants to be used for purpose of travel;

  • The purchase of blocks of tickets, tables, or fund raising events;

  • Serving as a conduit for funds in support of projects which do not have the prior approval of the Foundation Trustees;

  • Costs that do not qualify as direct charitable or philanthropic expenses.


5. Grant Application Process. All Grant requests must be submitted to the Foundation office at 209 South Summit Street, Arkansas City, Kansas, 67005, attention , Otis W. Morrow, J.D.  Applications that clearly fall outside the Foundation’s guidelines will be rejected. All other requests will be forwarded to the Foundation Trustees for consideration.  


6. Granting cycle. The Granting cycle is initiated annually and is finalized by year end, and thereafter, funding will occur in the next fiscal year commencing July 1.   


Granting cycle:

Annually at direction of Trustees               Date specified in Notice

Published Notice will be provided in         Applications are due

the Arkansas City Traveler soliciting

submission of applications                      

Trustees review applications                     Trustees may seek interviews of additional information and then announce approval of Grant applications


Year End
All applicants are informed of                  July 1 of following year
those approved and those denied           Earliest date that financial awards will be disbursed


7.The Award.  It is expected that all Grant awards will be expended for the purposes as presented to and approved by the Foundation Trustees. Follow-up reports detailing how Grant monies were expended may be required. An award of a Grant in one (1) year should not be construed as a guarantee of funding in future years.


8. Changes in use of awarded funds. If a Grantee anticipates a change in the use of funds greater than ten percent (10%) of the approved request, a” change in use” must be submitted to the Foundation Trustees for review and approval prior to the anticipated expenditure.


9. Unexpended Grant Funds.  Any funds not expended by a Grantee within the time frame identified within the application and approved by the Foundation Trustees will become an additional consideration for future funding.  If the successful applicant determines that the Grant funds will not be expended within the time frame as approved, a request must be made preferably not later than June of the year in which the Grant was originally to have been spent and the Foundation Trustees may approve a carry-over of funds at its next scheduled meeting in the fiscal year following the termination of the original Grant year expenditure.


10.The Foundation Trustees. The Trustees may be up to five (5) members, three (3) of whom were appointed by the original Founder, V.J. Wilkins. Additional Trustees have been appointed by the Trustees selected due to their involvement as community leaders utilizing their resources and talents.


11. Conflicts of interest. Care should be taken to avoid possible conflicts of interest among the Foundation Trustees and potential Grant seekers.  All Trustees will disclose any conflicts of interest and shall abstain from participating or voting on any Grant awards for which there is a conflict, potential or real.


12. Formula to award Grants. The Foundation Trustees establishes the formula for availability of grantable funds. It is to be reviewed from time-to-time for appropriate revisions. In establishing the formula, it is the intent of the Trustees to establish minimum annual disbursement for use of Foundation funds which may include a contingency of up to five percent (5%) of the total available funding designated, earmarked for unanticipated needs that may be brought before the Foundation Trustees during the fiscal year.

Miscellaneous. In the event situations or issues arise that have not been covered by these Policies and Procedures, the Grants formula or the score sheet, the Foundation Trustees retain authority to determine, in their sole discretion, an equitable resolution.    

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